Thanks to my laptop, it gives me a moment’s soft power.


I have a notebook, the inside of the content is very well organized math notes. But every time I closed it, I always think of warm Christmas. This all blame, cover is studded with stars on the English letters, Lenovo infinite extension of letting me. So when I’m tired will take a look at it and say 1 “”, so that my heart will be a little bit on the warm color, if not resolve tired also will bring some cool comfort.

In fact, more than Christmas I hope to have a peaceful Spring Festival. Just like a long time ago satisfied with hot dumplings and cover the whole world of firecrackers and fireworks. But I grew up, seems to have lost its some patience waiting. I wait less than mom and dad used to smile, also before the left out of the tender feeling. So even if missing the Spring Festival? It is better to enjoy each other. So imagine Christmas.

Thanks to my laptop, it gives me a moment’s soft power. I almost forget my time that an ordinary night is the magic of Christmas Eve, everyone carols in the softly sing a song of blessing.

But very funny, in a real Christmas Eve, I never to any party. Not wearing a Christmas hat everywhere said “”, also won’t wait outside the church to listen to god’s blessing. Too busy, I will be more lonely, so will only find a place to hide.

In such a cold winter, I especially like to eat steamed hot noodles. When all the people around in their Christmas when I was carrying a bag of instant noodles through the night. At this time I won’t be lonely, because I hide himself in the strange crowd, shame can not think of loneliness.

Eat noodles in the mind very satisfied, not willful brush a bowl, will they piled up in the sink. And light some candles, is making a wish this winter.

Before going to bed, I will fill out a few CARDS, but always worry about how to write a bless. Simply just use the pen drawing on a piece of pure white snow and always warm hut.

Finally, I will close the window, blocking all the cold outside the window. Looking at the familiar star again, say good night to each other.

Really want to make a sweet dream, dream all full of expectation to open this year’s Christmas presents. If that would be really happy.

Age in progress, in the development of science and technology

The schools of the future

Age in progress, in the development of science and technology, the schools of the future will also along with the science and technology

The progress and change.

The schools of the future, there are seven gates. In the middle of the door is the largest, is teaching

The door of the channel, while the surroundings gradually becomes smaller, is each grade of students

, The school staff and some parents from a special door into

Into the.

At the entrance to each and everyone will show their students

Certificate or to teach, the robot scans for confirmation. If you have not

Method of molecular wants to slip through, robot guards to stop immediately.

Into the campus, towering buildings. You may be

Couldn’t help but to ask, the building is so high, how to quickly

DA upstairs? Don’t want to climb the stairs! Ha ha, you don’t worry, as long as

Downstairs in the moments before the transfer device, and tell your class name, the

The machine will in a moment to transfer you to your class’s floor and ground

Point, convenient and fast. At the door of the classroom, there will be a machine.

Then, a student to go on with smiles on their faces, but also has a sad

Eyebrow a long face. This is how to return a responsibility? The original ah, this machine is designed

The door to let you hand in your homework. How could you may need to ask again, your homework

To make this machine? Informed, in this day and age, learning

Homework is not written in the book of the homework, but write special here in school

In the U disk. Accept assignment is in the U disk inserted into the machine, but a few

Second, homework is resized. The teacher also need not to work too much and have a headache


At recess, and the whole building will become a green wall

, So that can protect eyesight, relieve fatigue and relax. And ouch

Days have a lesson is to let the student free activities, they can get through it

Button on the desk is transferred to the underground playground or cinemas, over there

They can play it.

With the progress of science and technology, in the hope that the school can occur at an early date